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Foggy Lake

About us

Welcome to Interethnic Mission Engagement Interethnic Mission Engagement is deeply rooted in God’s overflowing love to welcome, empower and mobilize people to lead a thriving and integrated life. Our mission seeks to mobilize interethnic communities through gospel proclamation, youth and children outreach, leadership training, and career enhancement. Our efforts resonate with our desire to see God's people thrive in Worship in Spirit and Truth, grow in their Witness, and maintain Wellness.

Our Partnership:

We work with the Southeastern District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod as we connect people with Jesus, grow His Kingdom through mobilizing witness and empower wellness.


Our Ministry Objectives

        • Children and Youth Outreach: We place great emphasis on nurturing the upcoming generation, fostering their spiritual growth, and cultivating a profound devotion to Christ. Our goal is to inspire them to lead a life driven by the gospel's witness and impact the world.

        • Worship in Spirit and Truth: The heart of our mission is to empower families to exalt God the Father, through the sacrificial works of His Son Jesus Christ, guided by the abiding power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

        • Leadership Development: We passionately believe in expanding God's Kingdom by preparing new missionaries for the harvest. By providing ample opportunities for growth and learning, we aim to equip new and seasoned leaders with the skills needed to effectively serve their communities.

        • Career Enhancement: Guided by God’s love and purpose, we strive to create thriving, integrated communities where people are inspired to fulfill God’s purpose in their life. Our career enhancement programs are designed to offer resources and opportunities to help people progress professionally.

Join Us as You Join Christ’s Mission:

At Interethnic Mission Engagement, we are passionate about making a transformative impact on people’s lives. We warmly invite you to join us on this journey of faith, growth, and empowerment. Your involvement, partnership, participation and contributions can help us further our mission to fostering a vibrant, united, and flourishing community, built on God's abundant love.

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