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Foggy Lake

Our Ministry Objectives

Career Path

God works through our daily vocations. We support and mobilize various gifts and talents among immigrant communities to shine with the love of God and make a meaningful impact in the society

Leadedrship Development

We equip men and women with the gifts they have to make a lasting impact in their communities by nurturing relationship and build trust to freely and responsibily navigate opportunities and zeith them.

Emerging Generation

Strong mentorship and coaching solidify the impact second generation immigrants bring to the fore. Intential work among the emerging gen is vital to the continuity strong social values and fabric as well as excel in today's life saga.


Welcome to Interethnic Mission Engagement Interethnic Mission Engagement is deeply rooted in God’s overflowing love to welcome, empower and mobilize people to lead a thriving and integrated life. Our mission seeks to mobilize interethnic communities through gospel proclamation, youth and children outreach, leadership training, and career enhancement. Our efforts resonate with our desire to...


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